How to forget all you know about martial arts in 10 days

It is now the 14th of September and I have been in Greece for 2 weeks now.  I came back from Helsinki on Monday /31 of August.
I realised I was in Greece the very minute I was at the airport trying to get a buss home. Drivers shouting at each other, the traffic police shouting at the drivers, and lots of noise from everywhere, I thought my head was about to explode.!!! Well yes I am definitely in Greece, I thought to my self, no doubt about it.!
Farewell to the Nordic cool… at least for a while.!

Having spent a few days in Europe’s most quiet, green and civilised city,  my return to Athens was quite frustrating.!
No more long walks in beautiful parks, no more fooling around the Market , no more Lapin Kulta and most important no more training at the Fudoshin Dojo.! Ouch… that thought really hurt. !!! It may sound strange but it is true. I was really happy during my stay at the Fudoshin and I felt like home in Helsinki. The training was hard or at least so I have been told, you see from a certain point I was so tired I could not tell the difference anymore. But as Jyrki says that is the fate of the live in – student. To be tired and lonely all the time. Well the truth is I was tired yes, all the time. But I have never been lonely, not for a moment during my stay.

Spanos blokiIf their is a word that best describes Fudoshin Dojo and its people this word is *QUALITY*. For most people it is a vague notion but in Helsinki, in Fudoshin Dojo it is a state of mind and an attitude of life.
That is why if you really want to learn you don’t mind the pain and you don’t mind being tired simply because you know that there are people there that will do their best to train you, the best way they can.
They do so whole heartily and with the true desire to offer to you what they have found through many hard years of practice. And most surprisingly they do it in a way that you feel you are equal to them. Like a friend who came to find the knowledge, and with whom they are willing to share. People at Fudoshin are so humble they make you wonder about all the encounters you had so far with self proclaimed masters!!!
So this is the real thing. You do what you must do and still you have the feeling you haven’t done enough. You train for 4 hours and you wish you had the stamina to train for 8. And still it would not be enough.!!

”Be honest with the technique”, ”Quality man”, ”Make space”, ”Aiki day” , that is what I kept hearing from Jyrki.!
”Aiki is on the surface” That was Terhos favorite line.
”Would you like a souvenir” If Jyri asks that question just say no!
I am grateful to all the dojo members for the time and effort they devoted in my training.

But I feel obliged to give special thanks to Terho, Jyri, Hannu. Terho when I visit Helsinki again we must go horse riding, Jyri next time more beer and souvenirs, Hannu I really enjoyed Saturday morning training, I have never had better training partners and instructors at the same time.

As for Jyrki. If I ever learn Daito ryu I will owe it mostly to him. He inspired me in the best possible way. I will not comment on his teaching … I can only say he is one of a kind. He managed to teach me so much in such little time.
Thank you Jyrki.!

Giorgos Spanos