Fudoshin dojo, Winqvistinkatu 1

Monday18:00-20:00 Kyu technique
Wednesday18:00-20:00 Soden technique
Saturday 10:00-11:30 Juniors’ training
Saturday 11:00-12:30 Dan technique
Sunday 17:00-19:00 Kyu technique

Thursday 20:00-21:00     Weapon training

Unisport dojo, Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 25

Thursday  17:30 -19:00  
Friday  16:00 -17:30  
Sunday  9:30 -11:00 


We host introductory courses once or twice a year. In addition, we accept beginners in the kyu technique training groups. Our groups are relatively small, and we teach every student according to their level of mastery.

Beginners start in the kyu technique group. After the 6th kyu (first) belt grading, you can attend any and all of our trainings. Belt gradings are done every 3 to 4 months.


Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai